About Us


Photo Credit: Little Pond Digital.

Hey there, flower lovers! Welcome to Sola Grove Flowers, where we're all about blooming with a twist. Let us introduce ourselves and give you the lowdown on what we're all about.

Our journey started when our founder, Nicole, fell head over heels for floristry while working at a local flower shop in New Hampshire. But she had a burning desire to do things differently compared to the traditional floral world and make a positive impact on the environment.

That's when Nicole stumbled upon the magical world of wood flowers. Yes, you heard it right, wood flowers! These little beauties are made from sola wood, and they're not your average blooms. They're sustainable, eco-friendly, and oh-so-stunning.

At Sola Grove Flowers, we're all about offering unique and sustainable alternatives to traditional bouquets. Our wood flower bouquets are like a breath of fresh air. Wrapped in rustic Kraft paper, they add a touch of elegance to any room.

But we don't just stop at pretty flowers. We're committed to staying ahead of the game when it comes to floral design. That's why we invest in continuing education classes in NH and Boston, MA to bring you the latest garden-style designs. 

So whether you're looking to freshen up your space, surprise a loved one, or just treat yourself to something special, Sola Grove Flowers has got you covered. Our wood flower designs are the perfect long-lasting and environmentally-friendly option for all your floral needs and special occasions. 

Join us on this blooming adventure and let's spread the joy of sustainable floristry together!