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Sola wood flowers are unique and sustainable alternatives to traditional fresh flowers. The wood flowers are carved from a regenerative marshy plant root that grows in Southeast Asia. The scientific name for the plant is called Aeschynomene aspera.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when caring for your wood flowers:

1. Avoid Water

Sola wood flowers are not meant to be submerged in water. Unlike fresh flowers, they are not able to absorb water and will become damaged if exposed to moisture for extended periods. Keep your sola wood flowers away from water sources and avoid placing them in vases with water.

2. Keep Away from Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can cause the colors of your sola wood flowers to fade over time. To preserve their vibrant hues, display your flowers in areas that receive indirect sunlight or in shaded spaces. This will help maintain their beauty for longer.

3. Handle with Care

While sola wood flowers are durable, they can still be damaged if mishandled. Avoid bending or twisting the petals, as this can cause them to break. When arranging or storing your flowers, handle them gently to ensure their longevity.

5. Store in a Cool, Dry Place

When not in use, store your sola wood flowers in a dry place. Excessive humidity can cause the flowers to warp or lose their shape. By storing them properly, you can ensure that they remain in pristine condition for future use.

By following these care instructions, you can enjoy the beauty of your sola wood flowers for years to come. Whether you're using them for weddings, home decor, or special events, these sustainable and long-lasting flowers are sure to make a lasting impression.

Please note: Due to the handmade nature of our products, we do not accept any returns.